Cell and Joints : Bone problems caused by accidents, old age and hard work

Bone problems caused by accident, hard work, declined aging affected fibrosis of joint, muscle contraction resulting in pylomyositis. It is the source of joint pain and muscle pain.

Conventional therapies by anti – inflammatory medication treats the disease but it have side effect such as NSAID will stimulation of gastric acid secretion and caused by gastric ulcer.

In general, diseases can be cured by medicines, chemicals, radiation therapy or operation to eliminate the symptoms of diseases; and when medicines or substances used for medical treatment no longer have the effects, the inactive symptoms will become active once again.
Cell therapy which uses stem cells in the repair of bone and joint degeneration by encouraging rehabilitation of bones and all related organs by replacing the defective cells. Moreover, stem cells will encourage the treatment and rehabilitation of defective cells for your good health and rejuvenation.

Advantages of joint treatment by cell therapy
•    No operation
•    Less time to heal
•    Less recuperation time (Recommended to minimize the use of the treated joint around 1 – 2 days)
•    Didn’t taking the medicine
•    Long term result
•    Lower total cost when compare the conventional therapy
•    Low risk when follow the doctor’s instructions such as adjust posture

Problem of bones and joint that treated cell therapy
•    Osteoarthtritis
•    Office Syndrome
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Tennis Elbow, Ankle Sprain

You can physical examination and consult with Panacee’s medical expert, please bring Film X-ray (if have)