GMP Certified Cell

GMP certified cell stems from sheep embryo. The head is raised in a non-polluted environment. This is to ensure the purebred and avoid contagious diseases from the outside world. The production of GMP cell is strictly implemented under the sterile condition of Federal Ministry of Health (Germany). The process includes stem cell extraction from the tissue to disease detection, genetic screening and removal of elements that might lead to allergies. The safety measure is implemented to minimize the undesirable side effect.

Moreover, cell nutritions and growth factors are also integrated to stimulate cellular growth, proliferation and healing. As a result, extraction of GMP certified cells could only be performed by laboratory professionals with quality management.

GMP certified cell could benefit the health lovers who strive for youthfulness, longevity and most importantly, it has the ability to cure chronic disease. Cell Therapy requires good preparation and comprehensive health check in advance to ensure the best result from treatment. Our medical team will provide you detailed information and be your companion before and after the Cell Therapy.

Standard of GMP Certified Cell

  • Standardized number of cells, detailed source, process of extraction, treatment duration;
  • Legal documentation for the cell source and approval
  • Exclusive process of stem cell extraction. Benefit your internal cells to heal, for example: DNA/membrane and other organs could ensure its completeness.
  • GMP certified cell research center is approved by the German Government, so safety is guaranteed


Benefit of GMP Certified Cell

  • Safe and effective
  • There are countless types of cells with its specificity. Our doctor will choose the right cell type according to your health status and underlying diseases.