Cell Therapy : Good Cell for Good SEX

When speaking about Sex, it usually means femininity and masculinity which are different in physical, appearance; emotional and psychological resulted from mechanisms of the gland in the brain called Pituitary Gland. It stimulates the sex hormones production to control the different working process in body between men and women.

The key female sex hormone is Estrogen, which is responsible for the puberty from girl to woman. Estrogen causes developed breast, rounded hips. The husky voice will turn to smooth and tone. The most important stage is to have a period which is the first warning signs of being a woman.

The key male sex hormone is Testosterone, which causes effect the young man to have hoarse voice, larger penis and beard. Some have such a notable genetic like balding, etc.

Aside from differentiate in physical, Hormone also determine the emotion, like men will start looking at girls with a little weird feeling. The young woman started looking at man with a new sense of excitement as well.

These hormones are made from the important organs of our body. If the organs and body have problems, hormone system will be dramatically effected.

  • Ovaries and uterus has an important role in producing female hormone such as Estrogen and Progesterone.
  • Testes produce Testosterone male hormones.

Keeping these organs healthy is very important to the hormone balance and can prevent the health problem in a long run.