We usually calculate our age by subtracting the year of our birthday from the current year. For example, if you were born on the year of 1964 and it is currently 2014, you’re actual age would then be 50 years old. (1964-2014)

But have you realized there are people who are 50 years in age but looks like 38 years old? What is the explanation behind this?

Facial Age Estimation is one of the methods used to tell age, but it’s still hard to differentiate actual age and estimated age. Cell’s age within our body (Biological Age) could be measured by using telomeres.

Telomere symbolizes life and the life span of cells. In other words, as cells deteriorate and telomeres grow shorter, Therefore lifespan will also decrease accordingly. Organelle degradation is the main cause that leads to various diseases.

The length of telomeres is about 10,000 base pairs when you were born and later shortens by 50-100 base pairs per year. By the age of 100 years old, there will be preserve your telomere length only 4,000 base pairs remain in our body.

Taking good care of your health can effectively reduce the shortening rate of telomeres. It’s like slowing down the pace of life, prolonging the time of healthy organs and delaying the general deterioration. Maintain youthfulness is beneficial to both your body and mind.