How the “Cell Therapy” is performed?

According to experiments of cell biologists, it was found that only one cell of human organs will be able to keep enough data for repair of the whole organs or glands; and according to the experimental results of scientists relating to the functions of cells, 3 facts were founds, including:

  • Younger living organisms will have more powers of life than older ones; therefore, embryonic stem cells will have more abilities to stimulate cells than adult stem cells;
  • The reaction of cell stimulation shall have the organ-based restrictions without limitation to strains thereof, which means that liver cells will stimulate only liver cells no matter whether those cells are from any kinds of animals;
  • It was clinically proven that human body will automatically eliminate unnecessary or unwanted cells without causing any physical harm;

There are 2 interesting theories explaining the process of cell rehabilitation of living organisms, including:

  • 1st Theory: The genetic data in RNA and DNA of defective cells will not be fully developed, which may be caused by spaces or errors of data in cells; as a result, defective cells cannot be divided effectively; therefore, newly-born cells will not be fully developed and may not function properly;
  • 2nd Theory: This Theory explains the cell aging similarly to those in 1st Theory that when we get older, the functional efficiency of cells will diminish; and when human body has received new cells, it will take powers of life, biochemical components and concentrated enzymes to stimulate old cells for self-repair and powers to regain the normal functionality.