How the cell therapy works?

There are three distinct phases:

  • Phase 1

    Immediately after injection of the cells, the cellular components are absorbed into the blood stream. This often results in increased vitality and short-term improvement in the patient’s overall condition.

  • Phase 2

    This phase categorized as an immuno-biological reaction that last average of two weeks and may initially be accompanied by slight fatigue. Some patients may undergo a temporary period of emotional aggravation.

  • Phase 3

    Also known as the regeneration stage which begins during the third or fourth weeks and lasts a minimum of four to six months. During this time the curative effect aimed at by the treatment becomes evident especially in the form of revitalization of the patient. The patient will not only experience an improvement in the general health and physical stamina, but an uplifting of his/her spirit as well. Blood supply to the skin also becomes noticeably better. In case where ailing organs are targeted by the therapy improvement in the function of the organs can be noticed. At times even a total cure is possible.

  • Depending on patient’s lifestyle, diet, environment and specific ailment the efficacy of a successful course of cell therapy may last for months or years. The therapy should not be repeated until five months have elapsed from the previous course. The physician in charge of the treatment should be consulted in special cases.