Experiences of rehabilitation for medical treatment at a cell level
and rejuvenation at “Panacee Medical Center”

What is “Cell”?

Human bodies originated from only one stem cell, which would be developing in multiplicity to millions of cells and creating organs. Cells could be increasingly generated and degenerated and rebuilt naturally.

When we get older, our cells will lose their functionality and will result in physical abnormalities and will cause diseases. In general, diseases can be cured by medicines, chemicals, radiation therapy or operation to eliminate the symptoms of diseases; and when medicines or substances used for medical treatment no longer have the effects, the inactive symptoms will become active once again.

In this regard, European medical circles have now turned their attentions to researches and studies relating to cell-therapy health care, which is a holistic medicine for simultaneous rehabilitation of all related organs by replacing the defective cells with stem cells which will encourage the treatment and rehabilitation of defective cells for your good health and rejuvenation.