What is cell therapy?

  According to The Alternative Health Dictionary, cell therapy (cellular therapy) is classified as a branch of holistic health care in which the “whole person” is focused on, not just the malady itself. So in the medical perspective of alternative medicine, this is recognized as the scientific cellular therapy. Prof. Somsak Varakamin, M.D., Dr.PH. Hope for Hopeless, 2012 Page 188

Cell therapy is defined as the process of injecting new cellular material to cure diseases. That is to say, reviving our cell not by transplantation, but by stimulation the normal cell function without making any changes to the organs. It could efficiently heal the damaged cells and help recovering from the diseases. In addition, strengthen the immune system & self-healing to combat against illness. Cell Therapy has the ability to create your perfect body, restore your youthfulness, boost your energy and gives you the long lasting beauty.