FAQs relating to “Cell Therapy”

Is “Cell Therapy Treatment” always suitable for everybody?
Does “Cell Therapy Treatment” always have good results for everybody? If not, what are the determining factors?
Are there any health problems which impair the efficiency of “Cell Therapy Treatment”?
Is it possible that “Panacee Medical Center” will not accept cases of those who are unable to receive the cell therapy treatment?
What are the ideal periods of time for “Cell Therapy Treatment” and why?
What are the processes of preparation of live cells of sheep for “Cell Therapy Treatment”?
How are live cells of sheep transplanted to the recipients?
What are the differences or similarities between human cells and sheep cells? And how are the transplanted live cells of sheep blended with human cells?
When will the treatment results be noticed?
Do patients have to depend on the cell therapy treatment for a lifetime? And when stopping the treatment, will our organs be permanently defective?
In case, patients have not received the cell therapy treatment continuously, will it have any severe and negative effects on their health?
Are there any possibilities that our body will have severe reactions or against the cells received?