What is the importance of “Food Supplements”?

What is the importance of “Food Supplements”?

Besides eating a wide variety of nutritious foods from the five groups, the body needs vitamins and minerals including anti-oxidation supplements to improve body’s functions such as combustion function which creates energy, tissues and muscles repairing function, immune system and anti-inflammatory function.

However, human body cannot synthetize some of vitamins, it is necessary to consume foods contain the specific vitamins with the proper amount as per needed such as Astaxanthin, which is Carotenoid substance found in natural, 200 grams of Salmon contains only 1 milligram of Astaxanthin.

We are getting older, our digestive system is slow down, which causes inefficiency in nutrient, minerals and vitamins absorption, for example, After 20 years old, the body will decrease Glutathione production and that is why we need some supplements to help the liver get rid of toxins from the body. Taking the medicine for lower cholesterol also lower the Co-enzyme Q10 level thus we need to take Co-enzyme Q10 as a supplement to prevent complications especially heart functioning for example.

Can supplements make body stronger and make you look younger?

The principles of anti-aging medicine are: to balance the lifestyle by applying the integrative medicine, to control the body weight and shape, to consume good foods and to have good health, and good mind.

As we are getting older, the body system becomes less efficient in nutrient absorption, and body collects more toxins, waste and heavy metals. These reduce cells, tissues and organs’ efficiency, and also cause aging process and diseases.

If we want to rejuvenate our cells and organs, and to reduce the wrinkles, it is necessary to take vitamin C to boost up collagen. The medical technology such as lifting laser, pore tightening laser or detox massage around face, neck and body can make you look younger.

Chelation therapy and liver detoxification also promote the circulation system and increase the nutrient flow throughout the body. It is considered as the body cleansing, which stimulate the body system to transport toxins to liver and kidney. Toxins in the colon can be eliminated by Colon hydrotherapy, the method promotes the digestive and absorption systems, and however Probiotics should be taken after Colon hydrotherapy to promote digestive and absorption functions.

Supplements play the important role in promoting good health and rejuvenation by applying the principles of regenerative and alternative medicine.

All-in-on supplements tablet, is it better than a single supplement tablet?

Vitamin Therapy (Nutraceutical) for diabetes, high blood pressure as each patient needs difference dose and the dosage tends to be increased by the degree of the symptom. This is the reason why physician combines the different types of vitamin into one tablet or capsule (compounding nutraceutical) with the proper proportion according to the body’s needs to make more convenient to consume. This is benefit to the absorption system and patient does not have to take many tablets at the same time.

How to buy and take supplement?

When the body gets older, the digestive and absorption systems are slow down. Vitamins and supplements help body repairs tissues. They should be taken according to the body’s needs as recommended by physician or pharmacist. Vitamins or supplements should be purchased at certified drug store and they should be taken with awareness and care, otherwise they may cause a long term side effects.