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Mother Days

“Care for your mom like she cared for you.”

24,000 baht worth for only 8,000 baht.

Join your mom for a preventative health check up and rejuvenating treatments for a discounted price of 8,000 baht. We are offering complimentary for you and your mom. Total value of 24,000 baht.

***  Promotion On 1-31 August 2017

  1. The Live Blood Analysis is widely used in preventative medicine. Due to changes in the blood that can be seen immediately in real time. The results are particularly useful for primary health care, better quality of life and for preventing or reducing the risk of various diseases.
  2. Electro Interstitial Scan Technology (EIS) is a checking process for seeing and preventing diseases. It can analyze and measure the degradation of cell and pathological indications of all the 37 internal organs, all 9 systems of the body.
  3. Max Pulse Analysis screening is useful to healthcare practitioners.can be know a state within the artery. Flow of blood. Age of the Resistance within blood vessels. Flexibility and heart rate. The device will detect the pulse signal and sensor data analysis. Standard accepted by leading medical universities. In the United States, Japan and Korea as a tool for monitoring accuracy. To indicate the quality of the blood vessels and nervous system. Max Pulse is a simple the use finger non-invasive and painless screening device which can be used with any Windows based PC ( 2.5minutes )
  4. Doctor Consultation: Examination results and a professional discussion with you to determine how the cause of the malfunction occurred. Including a thorough examination of all stages of the process with the expert medical team. Your personal doctor to take care of your body and soul.
  5. Cell Booster Treatment: Intravenous therapies to take a mixture of vitamins directly to where they are needed for your cells. By supercharging your cells with the micronutrients, antioxidants and amino acids, your body gets the boost it needs to keep you on top of your game. It can quickly boost your immunity system that you require to recharge fast, also helping provide glowing healthy skin.

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