Liver is a vital organ that has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of bio-chemical necessary for digestion (carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism), hemoglobin production substances storage, Vitamin A, D, E, K storage, and toxin removal (detoxification).
We are continuously unavoidable receiving toxin from food consumption (preservatives, artificial ingredients, pesticides, fungus), inhalation, skin absorption, and even our own body production. These toxins are then removed from our body via the liver. If the toxins are overloaded, they will return back to the blood stream and to our cells, and cause damages to our organs. However, the liver is more capable repair itself than other organs when the causes of the liver damage are fixed. And liver detoxification is one of the effective methods that increase the liver’s self repair process

Liver detoxification benefit

  • Increase production of important enzymes that play important roles in toxin removal.
  • Protect the liver from medication, toxins, chemicals, and alcohol.
  • Increase the liver self-repairing rate and accumulate toxin removal, and protect the liver from chemo-therapy in cancer patients.
  • Increase antioxidant level which lead to an increase in cell protection, especially the liver cells from oxidative stress.
  • Boost and strengthen the immune system to help fight against pathogens, relieve flu and allergy symptoms.
  • Recycle antioxidant in the body such as vitamin C.
  • Reduce fat accumulation in the liver, and reduce plaque formation in the blood vessels.
  • Protect and fight against cancer, boost cell repairing process, and rejuvenate body cells.
  • Increase tissues strength and elasticity especially in skin, collagen, elastin, tendon, and blood vessels.

Who need liver detoxification?

  • This program is suitable for people who have risk factors such as Smoking, Drinking, having improper food consumption habit e.g. having a lot of spicy food, having grilled food very often. And being businesspersons, executives, or facing with chronic stress and don’t take enough rest. All these people are prone to have low immunity and tend to have accumulated toxins in their body. These can deteriorate the liver and cause abnormal liver functions and many diseases including hepatitis, liver abscess, and diabetes.

How the liver detoxification is performed?

  • The doctor prescribes exclusive IV infusing comprises of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential in enzymes production especially Glutathione that plays an important role in toxin removal. The insoluble substances which include heavy metals, pesticides, medication, and alcohol are then transformed into soluble substances. The liver delivers these toxins into the intestines before they are excreted out through feces. Some of the toxins may return back into the blood circulation and then be excreted out via the kidneys. As the kidney functions are subject to increase because of the toxin load from the liver, it is necessary that the kidney function must be in normal range during the liver detoxification program.