1. Cell and Joints : Bone problems caused by accidents, old age and hard work


Bone problems caused by accident, hard work, declined aging affected fibrosis of joint, muscle contraction resulting in pylomyositis. It is the source of joint pain and muscle pain.

Conventional therapies by anti – inflammatory medication treats the disease but it have side effect such as NSAID will stimulation of gastric acid secretion and caused by gastric ulcer.

In general, diseases can be cured by medicines, chemicals, radiation therapy or operation to eliminate the symptoms of diseases; and when medicines or substances used for medical treatment no longer have the effects, the inactive symptoms will become active once again.

Cell therapy which uses stem cells in the repair of bone and joint degeneration by encouraging rehabilitation of bones and all related organs by replacing the defective cells. Moreover, stem cells will encourage the treatment and rehabilitation of defective cells for your good health and rejuvenation.

Advantages of joint treatment by cell therapy

> No operation

> Less time to heal

Less recuperation time (Recommended to minimize the use of the treated joint around 1 – 2 days)

> Didn’t taking the medicine

Long term result

> Lower total cost when compare the conventional therapy

> Low risk when follow the doctor’s instructions such as adjust posture

Problem of bones and joint that treated cell therapy

> Osteoarthtritis

> Office Syndrome

> Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

> Tennis Elbow, Ankle Sprain

You can physical examination and consult with Panacee’s medical expert, please bring Film X-ray (if have)

2. Facial rejuvenation

At present, it is undeniable that good-looking and beautiful complexions bring us some good opportunities because good personality reflects self-care and produce good images and credibility to the general public. In addition to movie stars, other career groups such as businessmen, politicians, executives, etc., have started to take care of their complexions and facial rejuvenation.

According to the intrinsic factors such as age, heredity, underlying diseases, medication; and extrinsic factors such as sunlight and UV rays, pollutions, exposure to drugs and chemicals, eating of high-fat and high-sugar foods and insufficient drinking of water shall gradually destroy skin cells, particularly facial skins, which shall result in the loss of vitality and early wrinkles of skins.

In addition to the surgical operation, at present, there are various methods of beauty therapy such as injection of Botulinum Toxin to remove wrinkles and adjust the facial shapes, use of fillers and laser treatment to solve skin problems and to improve face conditions; but when thoroughly considered, we will realize that these external additions are impermanent; and more importantly, they have side-effects and complications such as sunlight sensitivity, allergies; and sometimes, various methods of beauty therapy are unnatural or incompatible with the age groups.

Live cell therapy is effective in physical repairs and rehabilitation from diseases and can also be effectively applied to the improvement of appearances because, in fact, skins are the largest organs of the body; and facial skins are epidermis developed from the cell division of dermis consisting of collagen-building cells, elastin, artery and neural cells; therefore, strong and healthy skins must be based on good complexions from the inside.

Cell therapy, involved with cells which are the source of nutrients and stem cells, is used for rehabilitation of collagen-building cells and elastin and will result in strong and firm skins, and increase of artery cell development; therefore, skin cells shall receive more nutrients and oxygen; and shall correct the abnormality of skin pigmentation, resulting in radiant skins; and all processes shall occur naturally under the stimulation of cell therapy.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Results:

1. Skins restructured and becoming strong and flexible;
2. Tiny wrinkles from facial expressions reduced;
3. Skin moisture increased;
4. Skins balanced;
5. Facial allergies reduced;
6. Problems of skin pigmentation (such as dark spots and scars) solved;
7. Sensitive skin areas (such as neck, breast, hands) cured;

Advantages of Facial Rejuvenation Treatment:

1. Skins becoming strong in the long term due to the balance of building and replacement of new cells;
2. Various skin problems solved simultaneously;
3. Short period of recovery;
4. Free from side-effects;
5. Look natural;

Target Groups for Facial Rejuvenation Treatment:

1. People with facial wrinkles;
2. People with dark spots;
3. People with damaged and non-radiant skins;
4. People with oily skins and acnes;
5. People with dry and dehydrated skins;
6. People with sensitive and weak skins;
7. People lost the vitality according to the chronological age;

Please always inform the expert physician regarding your underlying diseases or regular medications, use of Botulinum Toxin, fillers, gold thread lift, fine thread lift, laser treatments/ RF, derma roller treatments and surgical operation so that the expert physician shall evaluate and provide suitable treatment programs.