Protecting cells and desisting the formation of cancers

“Cancer” is one of significant causes of death of the world population. For effective treatment or cure of cancer, cancer must be detected at the initial stage of the disease; however, the majority of patients have, in fact, started to receive the treatment when cancer has already spread to other organs, which would be too late; and the treatment for those patients would therefore be emphasized on mitigation of the symptoms or specific treatment by means of operation or radiation therapy; and in case, cancer has been spread throughout the body, patients would receive chemotherapy.

In general, methods of cancer treatment include operation, radiation therapy and chemotherapy; however, various types of cancer such as liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and leukemia do not response to the above-said methods of cancer treatment; though some patients may get better, in the long term, cancer would reoccur and spread throughout the body; and patients must receive chemotherapy as much as possible until their body could no longer bear the chemotherapy; as a result, patients have been suffering or died of cancer because chemotherapy has severe side effects on patients’ body; for examples, destruction of immune system, sensitivity to infection, hair fall, physical debilitation, etc.

“Cancer…an unwanted Legacy”

  • Cancer may occur from various causes; for examples, sporadic cancer stimulated by surroundings such as exposure to radioactive substances and receipt of chemical carcinogenesis; when taken into the body, they will become hazardous carcinogens affecting the target cells and having genetic changes to accelerate the division and growth of cancer cells; the majority of cancers shall be within this category.

  • Meanwhile, some types of cancers may be hereditary where abnormal genes shall be passed on from parents to children and mostly occurring since the childhood; meanwhile, familial cancers may be caused by abnormal heredity but cancers will not be developed until they are stimulated by surroundings such as eating of contaminated foods, pollutions or viral infections; therefore, this type of cancers differs from hereditary cancers; and children may or may not have cancers; however, this type of cancers is considered as a risk factor which must be monitored when any member of the kinship has cancers.

  • Therefore, in case, any family member has a record of cancer, we will be more risky to cancer immediately, regardless of age or abnormal physical symptoms. In case, cancer can be detected at an early stage, cancer can be cured before it spreads throughout the body.

“Panacee Medical Center” and the Cancer Treatment Department;

Expert physicians of “Panacee Medical Center” have initiated the “Cancer-away Program” for the goal of integrated treatment and elimination of cancer, including diagnosis of disease and risks, treatment as per phases of illness, prevention of the disease and rehabilitation of health; whereas, our patterns of treatment shall emphasize the integrated solution for better quality of life of patients, as follows:

    Enhancement of cell strength to eliminate cancer cells;
    - Enhance the strength of dendritic cells, natural killer cells (NK cells) which are significant cells for detection and elimination of cancer cells; - Gamma Delta T Cell Therapy: Increase of the number of white blood cells to eliminate cancer cells;

    Eliminate cancer cells by using bio-extracts (produced in Germany), which function similarly to chemotherapy in a natural way, affecting only cancer cells and without side-effects on other normal cells; as a result, there will be no physical fatigue after receiving the biotherapy; and white blood cells will not be destroyed; and body systems will function normally.

    Follow up and rehabilitate body functions by using detoxification program;

    Program of giving foods and energy to cells by giving oxygen to cells and balancing functions of the whole body with nutrients and natural therapy.

Expert physicians of “Panacee Medical Center” have furthered their study in Japan relating to cell treatment by using immune therapy and treatment by biotherapy in Germany; therefore, we are confident in the knowledge and expertise of effective and excellent treatment of cancers;