Change treatment to prevent with
3-steps check-up that can analysis at the cell level.

See Through Check Up Program

"The best health care is to prevent illness. In order to prevent them, we must always cognizant of the state body”.

Health check of all systems of the body and to get quick results is only one way to tell us that at present, our bodies are still normal or not. We all know that health check is very important as it us know the health status of our body if there is something wrong or not. To cure and prevent the violence timely and reduces the mortality from the disease, without the words “too late”.

Since our body is composed of multiple systems, each system has several organs. Each organ consists of millions of cells; each cell needs nutrients to survive and give power to work all the time as long as we still alive. If a cell change and malfunction, it will affect the whole system.

Therefore, a thorough analysis of PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER, which consists of advanced medical technology, allows doctors to quickly assess your health condition completely within 20 minutes. The patient can know the result immediately after the procedure. The doctor will summarize and clarify the result and recommend practices and detailed treatment plan clearly.

Procedures and detail of Health Check Up Program by PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER
Health Check Up Program that help to solve the problem of healthy people who have limited time. Process is simple, the patients have to fast before checking, it is safe, as there is no radiation. The program will allow us to evaluate the whole state of body that good or not. The program consists of 3-steps below:

1. Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis Live blood analysis technology is to bring blood while still fresh and alive to analysis from the tip of the finger. Then, examine blood through the Dark Field microscope at high magnification and project the image on a computer screen; to check the nature and integrity of red blood cells and residual compounds in blood such as heavy metal residues. Blood is the stream delivers food and water to each cell of the body in order to survive. Therefore, it can detect abnormalities in the blood prior to the illness of the body before it manifests outside.

The Live Blood Analysis is widely used in preventive medicine. Due to changes in the blood can be seen immediately (Real Time) and can indicate the condition of the body systems which are the digestive system, liver function, the immune system, the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, the balance of sex hormones, free radicals in the blood, the function of white blood cells which indicates the likelihood of disease and degenerative conditions of body such as cardiovascular disease, cancer. Leading to further recovery and treatment planning in health care.

Healthy blood must have round red blood cells, not binding with each other and flow freely. Blood plasma must be clear with little fat beads and only slightly toxic. White blood cells function normally. These are the quality of the blood circulatory system to different parts of the body. However, when bloods is in poor health or have blood disorders, suchas the shape of red blood cells are not completely round but distorted and superimposed on the tight side. These signs indicate the abnormal of the body.

The advantage of this method from the typical method is the patient sees their own live blood together with the expert staff. The analysis takes about 5 minutes which is faster than the analysis of blood from the hospital. The results will be useful for primary health care, for better quality of life and for preventing or reducing the risk of various diseases.

2. Bio Body Scan: Body scan with Electro Interstitial Scan

Using Bio Feedback with a very low intense electric current passed into the body; no harm or pain; to measure the resistance of water between cells in each organ. Cell or organisms that have bio-chemistry or malfunction too much or too little, electrical signal will be different. It takes only 3 minutes to scan throughout the body. Then the result will be quickly processed by the computer about the malfunction of those organs.

Electro Interstitial Scan Technology (EIS) is a screening test for entire functional description of the cells in each organ. At first stage, test results will help us know if there are parts of your body that are in an abnormal state while checking. It tells the degree of degeneration of the body, likely to occur in the future while there are no symptoms that are noticeable now. This technology is well checking process for planning and disease prevention. It can analyze and measure the degradation of cell or pathological indications of all 37 internal organs, or 9 system of the body below:

  • Cardiovascular functions
  • Endocrine functions
  • Urogenital and renal functions
  • Neuromuscular functions
  • Respiratory functions
  • Digestive functions
  • Neurologic functions
  • General metabolic functions
  • Immune functions (allergic risk, infectious risk and ENT risk)
One time of Bio Body Scan will scan body in every system; no have to pay for each system scan. No Side Effect of the examination and no risk to the adverse effects of the others (such as blood tests, cancer detection, etc.) It is suitable for your health as a tool to help evaluate the present health and the risk in the future.

*** Caution: Pregnant woman and people who have metal or electronics in the body such as pacemakers should inform the technician, or health care practitioner prier to checking.

The test results are divided into 5 risk levels. In 5 colors Chart: red, yellow, dark blue, light blue and green indicating a tendency problems. From the highest level to the low level of Risk I to Risk V.

  • Risk I : Red
    Refers to the presence of decay and functional abnormalities in the position or the system. This should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Risk II : Yellow
    Refers to the detection of degenerative conditions and malfunction. Risk of problem occurs is lower than red.
  • Risk III : Dark Blue
    Refers to the detection of medium degeneration and functional deviations from normal or level 3.
  • Risk IV : Light Blue
    Refers to the detection of the risk of problems in Level 4.
  • Risk V : Green
    Refers to the detection of the risk of problems in Level 5.

3. Doctor Consultation : Meet doctor for examination result

At the end of the bio body scan, the final step for See Through Check Up is the doctor counseling. We emphasize to allocate enough time to discuss with you, to determine the cause of the malfunction occurred, including a thorough examination of all stages of experts’ medical team as your personal doctor to take care of your body and soul.