Panacee Medical Center, located on 3rd Floor of Bangkok Mediplex Building, Sukhumvit 42, has provided its services since 2009. The Center was formerly known as Villa Medica (Thailand) since it has joint-ventured with Villa Medica of Germany, of which name was also applied to the clinic in Thailand.

Until 2013, the management team of Villa Medica (Thailand) has envisaged the advancement of health care and has therefore established a new clinic in Badenweiler of Germany and has also changed the name to Panacee Medical Center to be a leader in cell-therapy treatment by combining variety of treatment with highest safety with medical technology under international standards for effective results of treatment and physical protection from illnesses and for long-lasting good health.

Badenweiler was announced by the German Government as a city of health care, with natural and abundant surrounding atmospheres in the Black Forest, which was named as the best sources of ozone in the world, with fresh air, cool weather and silence. The City has natural sources of pure mineral water, which is good to health, therapy and mind relaxation; moreover, the City is the ancient Roman site of thermal bath, aged more than 2,000 years, making the City ideal for mind and body rehabilitation.

In 2014, Panacee Medical Center in Germany has been fully open under cooperation between Thai and foreign expert physicians, who have been specializing in cell therapy for more than 30 years by using GMP-certified cells, for its superior, Premium Hotel service provision from Panacee Grand Romerbad in more than 75 fully-equipped, convenient and luxurious guest rooms in romantic natural atmospheres, giving the touch of relaxation and a variety of health care and rehabilitation, resulting in better results of physical care.

At present, its clinic in Thailand has been renamed to Panacee Medical Center similarly to those in Germany and maintained the pattern of holistic medical service provision and health care, deeply at a cell level, and rejuvenation under the German standards for treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson, Alzheimer disease, autistic disorder and diseases caused by cell degeneration, and received positive feedbacks from patients.

Panacee Medical Center has adhered to guidelines for treatment under the holistic medicine, including various methods of cell therapy such as chelation therapy, detoxification, treatment, including food allergy test which causes illnesses, provision of food supplements and vitamins for enhancement of treatment and rebuilding of immunity.

Panacee Medical Center has also used the cell-therapy treatment, which is the advanced medicine from Germany, for health care and rehabilitation and rejuvenation and for treatment of diseases caused by cell degeneration by expert physicians of Panacee Medical Center who shall design proper treatment for individual patients and outcomes of effective treatment.

The cell-therapy treatment shall be provided in Germany; and patients shall be physically prepared before and after the treatment by different methods such as chelation therapy, detoxification, treatment, etc., including intensive health care by expert physicians, thus, to ensure your safety and excellent treatment results.