Rama ll

Panacee Holistic Hospital (2015)

Another standard of the facility, the One Stop Service for holistic therapy presents a complete medical package all included in one place. This is the first time a Holistic Hospital ever built on Rama II Road. With the purchasing power of the target group consisting of mainly business owners and also includes (factory bosses at the west of Bangkok). This area is currently developing in a rapid pace whereas the roadway in already increasing its size to 12 lanes. This domino effect is boosting the market growth and skyrocketing the prices (from 10 – 70 millions) increasing the commercial space for shopping mall and magnet store

Panacee Holistic Hospital is offering Cell Therapy, Holistic treatments for curing difficult diseases, surgery, Cosmetic Courses, Dental Services, Specialized programs and Nutrition Therapy. Clients who came for the health check program with blood test service could take the receipt documents to exchange for reimbursement and tax return from the National Health Security Office. Locate in the project of Nurasiri City condo Rama II Road and is ready for grand opening in the year of 2014


Panacee Retreat and Relaxation Center (2015)

The integration of a health center and a beach resort would gratify the customers to feel at ease meanwhile rehabilitate. The facility welcomes any travelers who visit as long as in the purpose of receiving medical treatment. The course is designed for tourist who travels by private planes or yacht. The courses starts from cell repairing, detoxification, body shape builder with chiropractic, weight loss program, skin repair, facial skin care, preparing to become a bride – Gold Threat Program

Khao Yai

Panacee Retreat and Relaxation Center (2016)

With the height coordinates 400 meters above the sea level and constructs on the terrain of Khao Yai. Nakhon Ratchasima. This region is enclosed with gently and excellent weather for all year round. The fresh and pure air here is what makes Khao Yai the founding ground of O-Zone. Ranking at Number 7 in the world and officially certified by Unesco as the World’s Heritage. Qualifying this place as the marvelous location to design and develop for rehabilitation.

Elements of maximizing relaxation and happiness in our lifetime

• Villa fabricated in Tuscany style adapted from Italy, merging concepts of healthy home meticulously as the trendsetter in Khao Yai.
• Golf course with 18 holes layout and challenging terrain designed by the professionals to match the level of championship course.
• Panacee Retreat and Relaxation Center integrated alternatives of available service for all the families: Holistic Treatment, Spa Treatment, Cosmetic Courses, and Cell Therapy.
• Club House and Hotel structured from the model of European Castle; experience the atmosphere of staying at Europe by resting here at Khao Yai. Recreational activities are available inside the club house for providing happiness to every family member .


Panacee Retreat and Relaxation Center (2016)

In 2014, Thailand will become one of the ASEAN communities. Therefore predication as the tourists from neighboring countries and Asia will significantly increase with travelers visiting notable attractions such as Phuket, Chiangmai, Bangkok, and especially Pattaya. The tourist that travels here in Thailand is estimated to be around the range of 11 – 14 million per year. The Panacee Health Center – Pattaya located in Chonburi, where it’s believed to be the new touring amusement with the fusion packaging of relaxation and exhilaration. Providing the environment to loosen one’s grasp and also granting the excitement needs as a journeyer. The facility offers health services to wealthy tourists all over the world such as travelers from Singapore, China, Russia, Scandinavia and even including the Middle East and America. The courses will be adjusted to a minimal days so our clients could have more opportunities to spend time with families and experience new cultures. Panacee Health Center – Pattaya offers various courses: Cell therapy, yoga, fitness, cooking, detoxification, and cosmetic courses called Rejuvenation for Him – a course concentrating on weight control and preparing for becoming a beautiful bride.