PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD is located in Badenweiler, Germany. The area is known as the “Golden Triangle” because it is located in the connected area among three countries; Germany, France, and Switzerland. Tourists can travel to various countries in Europe conveniently and quickly. You can travel to PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD by plane to the Zurich Airport, Switzerland. The car of the hotel will come to take you to PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD which takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Staying in PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD, you will be relaxed for treating the body from fatigue and receive the health care from specialist doctors of PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER as well as traveling to appreciate the charm of the cities. You are invited to impress cultural diversity and the famous tourist sites of the countries as follows.

Badenweileris located in the tropical zone of Europe and in the area of the Black Forest which is considered an important source of ozone of the world. The area is the large pine forest connected to the border of Germany and France. There is an abundance of tropical trees bringing the breath of fresh and comfortableair.

This city is also a source of pure natural mineral water enriched with various types of mineral. It is good for health in treating and relaxing. It can be seen from the Roman Bathhouse older than 2,000 years which remains in the perfect condition until now. PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD is allowed to bring pure natural mineral water to be used inside the hotel as well.

As the city is located in the fresh and pure air of Black Forest with the pure natural mineral water including the environment conducive to treating the body from fatigue and disease, the German government defines Badenweileras the City of Health of Germany. With the territorial connection to France and Switzerland, it is considered that Badenweileris the City of Health of Europe as well. It can be seen that there are many health care facilities in this city including PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD.


This place is like a paradise of restoration and health care for health lovers who dream of bathing in purely natural mineral water and taking a rest in this place at least once in their lives.


In addition, there is also an ancient Roman fortressin this city where we can view the surrounding scenery of the Rhine which is the major riverof Europe. With the border next to the airport where is the center of Europe. (EuroAirport) and high-speed train station connecting Europe together, we can travel to various countries in Europe such as France, Italy, and Switzerland in a short time.

BADEN-BADEN is the city of wealthy people in Germany. Thereare famous casino, luxury hotels, spas and racetracks to serve affluent travelers from around the world.

Freiburg is the city with beautiful architecture of ancient German which arenot destroyed by the war, such as the medieval cathedrals and ancient universities. There is also the abundant nature as it is located next to the Black Forest which is an important source of ozone of the world.

Stuttgart is the city of art including famous shows such as ballet, opera, and choir. This is also the city of automotive industry with famous automobile museum such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. There is also the largest outlet of Germany, “OutletcityMetzingen”, filled with the products of a lot of famous brands for you to choose conveniently.

Luzernis the city with relaxed atmosphere. You can cruise along the beautiful lake to admire the beautiful mountains of the Alps. This city is remarkable with the Chapel Bridge which is considered the symbol of the city and the Lion Monument which is the monument to commemorate the Swiss soldiers who died on a mission for the country in the French Revolution. This is also the city for the shopping of famous brand name watchesof the world.

Basel is the city located next to the Rhine. It has abundant nature and cool weather. It is also the location of the international airport (EuroAirport) for travelers to easily access the major cities of Europe conveniently and quickly. The city is also the center of the leading exhibitions of the world, such as Watch Fair and Art Fair, etc. It is also the largemanufacturing source for big products that you can buy brand name products such as Bally in cheap price as well.

Colmar is the town in the countryside of France with the focus on planting a variety of colorful flowers decorating French-style houses with vibrant colors making the old town look lovely and lively again. With the houses located alongside the banks of the canal, you can cruise to visit the ancient houses. The cityis called “LITTLE VENICE”.

Strasbourg is the city of cathedral built with the pink sandstone. The cathedral looks elegant and is carved delicately as beautiful as other cathedrals elsewhere in Europe. It is the place for shopping famous brand name products of France such as Galleries Lafayette with a lot of brand name products such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton. There are the shops selling brand name products around the city for those who love shopping to enjoy buying their favorite products conveniently.

We are proud to bring you to the relaxation and body treatment excellently with the superior level of service of PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD to keep you in good health so long as well as being happy fully with an unforgettable impression.