PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD is the house No. 1 in Badenweiler, Germany. It was the old house of a millionairein Germany. Later in 1825, it had been transformed into a Premium Hotel hotel built with the traditional architecture of Europe decorated with furniture from around the world such as Murano glassware finely crafted by craftsmen from Venice.

The location is in the land known as the “Golden Triangle” because it is located next to France and Switzerland. We possibly travel to various countries in Europe in a short time. Therefore, PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD has the opportunity to welcome visitors from around the world such as royal dukes and celebrities from all over the worldfor long time ago.

Once PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD had been chosen to arrange the showcase of classical music from the world’s leading musicians which created deep impression to the audience very much.Later, the musical performances are arranged on a regular basis with the musicians from around the world to impress the visitors of the hotel frequently.
Badenweileris located in the tropical zone of Europe and in the area of the Black Forest which is considered an important source of ozone of the world. The area is the large pine forest connected to the border of Germany and France. There is an abundance of tropical trees bringing the breath of fresh and comfortableair. The health lovers always come to take a rest in this city.
This city is also a source of pure natural mineral water enriched with various types of mineral. It is good for health in treating and relaxing. It can be seen from the Roman Bathhouse older than 2,000 years which remains in the perfect condition until now. PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD is allowed to bring pure natural mineral water to be used inside the hotel as well.
As the city is located in the fresh and pure air of Black Forest with the pure natural mineral water including the environment conducive to treating the body from fatigue and disease, the German government defines Badenweileras the City of Health of Germany. With the territorial connection to France and Switzerland, it is considered that Badenweileris the City of Health of Europe as well. It can be seen that there are many health care facilities in this city including PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD.
This place is like a paradise of restoration and health care for health lovers who dream of bathing in purely natural mineral water and taking a rest in this place at least once in their lives.
The architecture is splendid harmoniously combined with the touch of romance and the charm of medieval art in the building in dome style decorated typically by the ancient craftsmen. There is a terrace in the building to link you to your various rooms to enjoy the atmosphere inside the building at any angle. In the hall, there is the classical music show by top musicians from around the worldto give a warm impression to the special guests like you.
PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD has allocated the rooms in various sizes with the capacity to accommodate up to 300 persons for serving the meetings, seminars or eventsoffering a superior service and convenient facilities such as the media used in the event, food and beverage, etc. in order to give the impression to the events in all styles.
The leading restaurant of PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD delicately selects the good quality of ingredients and seasonal ingredients to be carefully cooked by both Thai and foreign chefs. We serve Thai, German and French meals together with the Caesar cocktail bar full with snacks and drinks. The sweet music is played while you are enjoying the meals in the spacious dining room decorated with exquisite wood carvings for your meal to be full of joy.
PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD offers nearly 100 guest rooms decorated with a touch of classic style equipped with modern facilities including satellite TV, hair dryer, Wi-Fi, and room service that is available for 24hours, and pure natural mineral water available in every room. From the balcony of the room, you can view the landscape of the City of Health(Badenweiler) and the view of the Vosges Mountains to let you experience the fresh air of the rich forest.
Relax your body in the sauna room and indoor heated pool with the temperature of 32 °C and a large outdoor swimming pool. You can enjoy the course of underwater dancing supervised by the skilled attendant. Take the massage therapy for relaxing your body from fatigue or diseases. Take the exercise with full andmodern fitness facilities making youcomfortable with our service.
There are various activities for relaxation at PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD such as swimming in the pools both indoors and outdoors for you to choose to enjoy nature as you desire. You may have spa in natural hot springs for relaxing. The activities offered for the guests who are fond of outdoor activities are:
  • Playing Nordic Walker : walking in a long distance with the use of one pair of crutches to support the body while walking to make you be able to walk farther than normal, help creating the good balance for the body, help burning calories, and increasing your heart rate.
  • Playing Nordic Walker : walking in a long distance with the use of one pair of crutches to support the body while walking to make you be able to walk farther than normal, help creating the good balance for the body, help burning calories, and increasing your heart rate.
  • Meditation : practicing the mind to be calm.
  • Qigong :The combination of meditation, respiration, and movement to help the body and mind beingin healthy condition
  • Mountain biking : that gives you a lot of fun and you can enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the Black Forest which is known as the world’s major source of ozone.
PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER is the center of holistic medicine with the focus on the complete treatment of the body and the causes of the diseases, not only the treatment with drugs and chemicals in order to avoid side effects that cause the diseases in the future. We can restore the entire system of the body to the depth of body cells. We provide closely medical care by a team of specialist doctors both Thai and foreign. Regarding the cell therapy at PANACEE MEDICAL CENTER, we will use only the cells with GMP standards to ensure the safety and excellent results of treatment to make your skin radiant, healthy and youthful for a long time.
PANACÉE GRAND HOTEL RÖMERBAD has received the standard of Premium Hotel hotel with the friendly and attentive service from professional receptionists who are Thai, Chinese, German, English, and French to serve the health lovers from all over the world with impression and delightin every second that you stay with us.